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Jewelry Services

All jewelry repairs and services are performed on premise.

What we do...

Some of our other jewelry services are:

  • Custom Design

    Our on-site designers and master goldsmith work with each individual to capture an occasion, memory, or sentiment and transform it into something tangible.

    We can design piece of jewelry that is unique to you, using your own gemstones and pieces or work to create a one of a kind piece from our metals and precious gems.

  • Jewelry Repair

    • Repair jewelry with the highest quality, in a timely manner
    • Repair/solder broken chains, bracelets, anklets, and rings
    • Replace missing gemstones or diamonds
    • Refurbish worn, old or antique jewelry
  • Ring sizing

    • Resizing your jewelry to make sure it has the perfect fit
  • Engraving

    • Personalizing your new or existing jewelry with our state of the art Engravers
  • Jewelry Cleaning

    • Cleaning, polishing and refinishing jewelry crafted of precious metals
    • Adjusting jewelry to ensure that all diamonds and gemstones are secure
    • Refurbish worn, old or antique jewelry
  • Jewelry Appraisal

    • Jewelry or diamond appraisals for insurance, estate or general
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