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Welcome to third generation Jiliaev Jewellery.

Welcome to third generation Jiliaev Jewellery studio/gallery and retailer, family owned since 1954.

As history repeat itself Jiliaev Jewellery Collection has its own history: The Jiliaev Dynasty started in the early eighteen centuries, Jiliaev clans was known for their highly professional achievements of doctors, architects and young chocolate entrepreneurs that made sweet success of their business.

But the Jewelry story of the Jiliaev Family is one that has been etched out with tradition and arts inspired by nature. It is the story of passion and love affair in design and craftsmanship that began in 1954 when Victor Jiliaev has made his first foot steps in jewelry and gem fabrication. In 1958, the late Victor founded the Jiliaev Jewelry tradition, his inspiration in the world’s famous “Faberge Eggs” made this tradition his concrete decision and later was passed on to Iouri and Vladimir, his sons.

The family experience and unmatched skills have been developed in jewelry creation. Designing and creating jewelry exclusively by human hands turned into the family growing tradition. In these modern times, it is a lost art, and retaining such process keeps this family’s own business recognized, respected and appreciated by clients in all walks of life.  

And today, three generations later, the story continues in Beautiful British Columbia, the love for hand-crafted fine jewelry still evolves in the Jiliaev family. The father, Iouri Jiliaev and his two sons’ team lead the third generation into a family legacy.

Armed with three generation of unparalleled experience in jewelry craftsmanship the Jiliaev family continues growing their passion in Vancouver inspired by overwhelming nature and in search of a new adventure that might become a new chapter for their next generation. 

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